Salesman raises suspicions in neighbourhood

Be overly cautious when someone raises your suspicions at your doorstep.


Residents on McKenzie Road in Kelowna are suspicious of a man who went door to door Thursday afternoon, July 9.

The man stated that he was selling furnaces and hot water tanks and seemed to be targeting seniors. He lacked any company identification and refused to leave a business card or brochure.

He is described as Caucasian with a tan and approximately 30 years old with short dark hair. No associated vehicle was seen.

Police remind the public to be wary of persons selling door to door who cannot produce the proper credentials of a bona fide seller.

You should be looking for:

• identification bearing the name and/or photo of the seller and the company logo and contact information.

• business card bearing the seller’s name and company logo and information

• other forms of documentation or brochures with the company logo and information

Unless completely satisfied with the seller’s identification, do not let any stranger into your house. Close the door if they become insistent or aggressive.

Call police if you suspect you are being scammed.

S—do you feel safe?

C—is the person credible?

A—are they too aggressive?

M—are they asking for your money or banking information?