Say goodbye to the sandbags West Kelowna

A small cleanup crew will sweep neighbourhoods August 8 and 9 to conduct final sandbag removal

The City of West Kelowna is in the final stages of flood recovery and city crews have now completed sandbag removal from all public properties.

Any West Kelowna area residents who has sandbags remaining on their property or docks are asked to have them to the curbside by end of day Monday, August 7.

A small cleanup crew will sweep neighbourhoods August 8 and 9 to conduct final sandbag removal. Homeowners will be responsible for disposal of any remaining sandbags after this date.

Detached orphaned dock removal is ongoing by barge and will take several weeks to complete. Please clearly mark items deemed for removal with bright paint or flagging tape.

The city has conducted an assessment of all public property that has been impacted by this spring’s flooding and work has begun to clean and repair these areas.

Residents of West Kelowna will see crews working in parks, boulevards and roadways over the coming weeks. The City of West Kelowna thanks the public for their patience as we conduct this important recovery work.

According to the Emergency Operations Centre, “the sandbag recovery is anticipated to be completed by the end of the week. There may be some properties with sandbags. We’re asking those residents to notify officials before August 8 either online or call the flood recovery information line at 250-470-0674.”

The EOC also stated:

“Debris removal has been completed in Carr’s Landing and much of the north end. Barges will start collecting on Westside Road this week.

“A barge is working in the Mission area in Kelowna and is currently at Barnaby Road making its way north toward the bridge. Peachland and West Kelowna will be next.

“We’re asking lakefront residents to be patient. We’ve contracted all available barges in the area and debris removal is expected to continue over the next month.”