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School zones coming into effect

With kids set to head back to school this morning, school zones are back in effect

Watch for children crossing the roads this morning as school zones are back in effect.

Kids are returning to classes this morning and for everyone’s safety, motorists are reminded to slow down, leave their phones alone, yield to buses, watch for children on the road and obey parking signs, according to a City of West Kelowna release.

Starting Sept. 5, RCMP and bylaw enforcement officers will be at school zones around the city as a friendly reminder to motorist to follow the rules of the road. Those who ignore the message could face tickets and fines.

The speed limit through school zones is 30 kilometres per hour from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. on all days classes are in session – generally Monday to Friday, except statutory holidays and winter, spring and summer breaks. The speed limit remains in effect until a sign on the opposite end of the school zone indicates it ends, said the release.

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Under the Motor Vehicle Act, using a cell phone or electronic device, for any reason, while driving is illegal.

Drivers are also reminded that when a school bus turns on its flashing red lights, vehicles in all lanes, in both directions, must stop.

Drivers should be aware that older students may use public transit, and motorists need to slow down around city buses and watch for pedestrians that may be walking out into the street in front of or behind a stopped bus. Yield to buses that are ready to pull back into traffic.