Slide in downtown kids’ water park replaced

New slide features nine water jets to make for more fun for those using it.

Lewis Stalker-Gingras

Kids splashing around in the children’s water park in Kelowna’s City Park have a new slide and water spray apparatus to pay on.

The new, smaller, slide was officially opened Wednesday, replacing the larger original one installed when the water park opened in the early 1990s. The old slide was deemed to be no longer safe and was removed.

When it learned the old side was being removed, Kelowna’s Ogopogo Rotary Club stepped in and provided part of the cost of the new slide.

Matching a city contribution of $25,000 Ogopogo Rotary, felt the park was too important for local children to be left without a slide, said club president JimHawkins Wednesday afternoon.

The company that created the slide, and its accompanying nine-water jet spray system, local firm Waterplay Solutions, provided the apparatus at a greatly reduced cost as it’s donation to the project, said Mayor Walter Gray. Gray was was on hand to open it and get a little wet when the spray jets were turned on.

The popular downtown water park is now open and will be through the summer until the Labour Day weekend.