Student beat: For youth this summer, life is (not) a beach

Lack of beach accesses a bummer for youth says Kelowna student writer Ava Durrell

By Ava Durrell

Kelowna summers are ones people flock from all over to take part in.

With white-hot beaches, scorching sun, and fantastic tourism opportunities, it’s easy to see why Kelowna booms during our hotter months.

However, the recent flooding of most (if not all) of our beaches has left many local youths feeling stranded. The two-month break many students are currently enjoying is typically one spent in the sun, at the beach, or both. And with events like Canada Day celebrations and Centre of Gravity, why wouldn’t they?

Alyssa Macfarlane, a student in Kelowna enjoying her summer break, really feels that the current lack of beaches in Kelowna is hurting the summer experience for those wanting to go to them.

“During the summer, Kelowna youth spend all their free time at the beach,” she says. “With all the flooding there will be no beaches to go to for most of the summer; this will be affecting where the large number of youth goes.”

Another student trying to enjoy their two month break, Daniel Pearson, also shares the opinion that the lack of beaches is hard for young peoples.

“With the lack of beaches,” he notes, “it’s definitely harder to enjoy your time there in the sense that because so few are open, everybody has to crowd up and it can be hard on teenagers and young families.”

Many people, this student writer included, can’t wait for the beaches to reopen and allow them to take full advantage of everything Kelowna has to offer in the summer.