Trump presidency rings alarm bells for Kelowna activist

Darin Howard of Positive Action United looks for support in protecting rights of Canadians at rally Sunday in downtown Kelowna

Activist Darin Howard (left) urges a crowd of about 40 people in downtown Kelowna to be wary of a Donald Trump U.S. presidency at a rally Sunday in downtown Kelowna.

Much like the gloomy skies Sunday over the Okanagan, Darin Howard painted a grim picture of what he believes a Donald Trump presidency, if left unchecked, will mean for Canadians.

The Kelowna activist urged a crowd of about 40 people in downtown Kelowna to exercise their rights in speaking out against both the policies and personal beliefs of the incoming U.S. president.

Howard cited the importance of lobbying local, provincial and national politicians to help protect the economic and human rights of all Canadians.

Howard said Trump’s stances on a wide range of issues will be damaging.

“We just got fed 24-7 the political situation, we just got fed 24-7 the financial situation, the racism, the stance against women, what he feels he can get away with,” said Howard. “And now because he’s president now were supposed to say, whoa, that ‘s OK ? No, this is not cool with me.”

“I do not stand in a country where common citizens can be threatened because of their race or sexual orientation.”

Howard heads up Positive Action United, a Kelowna group dedicated to promoting social awareness and equality.