UPDATE: Injured hiker rescued near Paul’s Tomb

A hiker was injured and unable to walk out of the area past Paul's Tomb in Kelowna Thursday evening.

Emergency personnel

UPDATE: Jan. 20

The Kelowna Fire Department confirms that crews worked quickly to rescue an injured jogger Thursday evening.

The woman was running along a path at the base of Knox Mountain when she slipped, dislocating her shoulder.

A mobile was stretcher was brought into the area by fire rescue crews who wheeled the woman safely to an awaiting ambulance.

Platoon Captain Tim Light said it was a simple and successful rescue operation.

UPDATE: Jan. 19 7:50 p.m.

The patient is reportedly a woman in her thirties suffering from a dislocated shoulder. She is being escorted to an ambulance by the rescue crew.

ORIGINAL: 7:30 p.m.

A rescue is currently in progress at Paul’s Tomb in Kelowna.

A hiker is reportedly injured and unable to walk out of the area.

The patient is awaiting rescue past Paul’s Tomb beach along one of the hiking trails at the base of Knox Mountain.

The Kelowna Fire Department and BC Ambulance are on scene.

A rescue team with a mobile stretcher are currently headed to the patient’s location with the hopes of returning the patient to the waiting ambulance at the end of Poplar Point Drive.

Cap News will have more information as it becomes available.

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