Vandals asked to clean it up

Young people who trashed the environment around a local fishing lake are being asked to return and clean it up.


Young people who trashed the area around Spring Lake, west of Peachland on the weekend, are being called on to return and clean it up.

Peachland hunter and angler James Springer said he and a friend took video footage of the carnage left behind by what he estimated to be a group of 60 to 80 people in their teens and early 20s, and it’s been forwarded to the Conservation Officer Service.

He hopes the partying young people, who left behind broken chairs, tents and trash, as well as mutilated live trees and a lake full of floating beer cans, will be tracked down and charged for the many offences they committed.

He and a friend went in and warned some of the partyers Sunday to clean it all up before they left, but when they returned Monday, it looked like a garbage dump.

There is no recreation site on the lake.

The videos can be viewed at: and

Enforcement staff in the environment ministry and lands and forests ministry were kept busy throughout the back country over the long weekend.