Vehicle policy set by West Kelowna council

Municipality sets out how to deal with its old vehicles.

West Kelowna council has adopted the vehicle and equipment acquisition, replacement and disposal policy intended to ensure district vehicles and equipment are reliable and efficient.

The district’s vehicle and equipment pool is worth an estimated $4 million and included 80 vehicles, such as cars, light and heavy-duty equipment, fire fighting apparatus such as the new $1 million ladder truck and special equipment.  The policy will govern the addition of new units, the replacement of existing units and the ultimate disposal of those units that have reached the end of their service life.

Gord Brown, the district’s operations manager, said his department already has “trigger points” for the retirement of vehicles, but sometimes they can be used by other departments after serving their original purpose.

Based on age criteria alone, the district expects to see a spike in vehicle replacement in 2015 and 2023, but that could be moderated by other criteria that could keep older vehicles in service longer as long as they are still cost effective.