Violent tendencies cited in rejection of full parole

Parole denied to Cameron Simpson for 2007 manslaughter of roommate.

A West Kelowna man convicted of manslaughter in the 2007 death of his roommate has been denied full parole as he has “yet to mitigate” his risk for violence.

Cameron Simpson, 34, was also denied day parole, recently released documents indicate.

Simpson was sentenced to federal jail time nearly a year ago after being convicted of stabbing 34-year-old Robert Isaac in their Stevens Road home after a dispute over whether Simpson could entertain a couple of women at the home.

In their decision, the parole board said they believed Simpson’s positive behaviour in the community before sentencing and his recent positive progress in prison were a “definite step in the right direction,” but that his risk for violence remains too high.

The parole board decision noted Simpson has not addressed his violence through programming and remains an untreated violent offender.

He also has refused to take responsibility for his criminal behaviour, still insisting the stabbing was an act of self-defence.

The report continued that Simpson has also been assessed as a moderate risk for general and violent behaviour, saying he has refused to work openly and honestly with his case management team.

Prison officials working with Simpson to develop a plan for escorted temporary absences say he began to display behavioural problems and was not “fully disclosive” with his case management team.

He’s since been transferred to a medium security institution, where he asked to be placed in segregation in the early weeks after experiencing issues with other offenders. Simpson, who has no previous criminal record, is currently serving a three year, eight and a half month sentence for the Nov. 3, 2007 manslaughter.