Weather reversal leaves fall leaves soggy

From very dry for a few months, to very wet for the last few weeks, the weather's been making news.

The amount of rain that has fallen in the past three weeks eclipses the amount that fell in the previous three months, including one day that set a new record for the amount of rainfall that day.

Meteorologist Jim Steele with the Environment Canada weather services office, reports that there was one “big, wet day” on Mon., Oct. 29 when a new record was set for the day, of 15 mm, compared to 11.8 mm, the previous record.

However, it was nowhere close to the record rainfall for a single day in October, which was 24 mm on Oct. 28, 1996.

It was still raining as he spoke and the month wasn’t quite finished, but already 40 mm had fallen, compared to the normal October rainfall of 25.5 mm, some 125 per cent of normal.

But, there’s been no snow recorded yet at the lower elevations around the valley.

Temperatures have been about a half degree above normal, largely due to the warmer temperatures during the first 10 days in the month.

Even when the tap was turned on Oct. 10, it remained mild until Oct. 20 or so, so only in the past 10 days has the weather turned cool and unsettled, noted Steele.

“It’s a total reversal from hot and dry to cool and wet,” he added.

Although there was a total of just five mm during all of August and September, there was a total of 29 mm during July until it dried right up on the 22; and June was soggy, with twice the normal amount of rain, at 92 mm.

The forecast is for continued wet weather, although there could be a ray of sunshine on Friday, before cool and unsettled weather continues.