West Kelowna acquires Glen Canyon parkland

A 3.62 hectare piece of property adjacent to a section of the regionally-owned Glen Canyon Park has been donated to the district.

(From right) West Kelowna Mayor Doug Findlater

For nearly two decades Garry Gilchrist has believed a 3.62 hectare piece of property, adjacent to a section of the regionally-owned Glen Canyon Park, would one day be designated as parkland and become accessible to all.

That vision became a reality Monday as First Island Financial Services Ltd. announced the donation of land to the District of West Kelowna.

The donated land was formerly part of the Canyon Ridge Development. It features natural, sloping land and is home to a variety of wildlife.

“It’s the kind of parcel of land that should be under a public body,” said Gilchrist, co-owner/manager of ARAL Construction Ltd. and project manager for the Canyon Ridge development who represented First Island Financial Services Ltd. at the announcement Monday.

“It augments the current park and it’s just a natural fit.”

Gilchrist said he was impressed by the beauty of the area when he first walked along a path within the donated land 22 years ago.

West Kelowna Mayor Doug Findlater said the district will ensure “stunning” piece of land is protected and accessible to all.

“The donation strengthens our interest in ensuring Glen Canyon is held in the public interest. It’s a tremendous benefit to our entire community,” said Findlater.

Guy Bird, representative for the members of Canyon Ridge strata was also on hand for Monday’s announcement.

“This generous donation represents a winning outcome for all: The district, its citizens, our community and a win for all the wildlife that call the Canyon home,” said Bird.

The land, currently zoned for medium density housing, will be made into a passive park. Its estimated value is over $200,000.