West Kelowna flushing mains of troubled water system

The Lakeview water system is currently under a water quality advisory because of elevated turbidity levels in Rose Valley reservoir.

If the water coming out of your tap in parts of West Kelowna looks off colour,  it’s  likely not because of the ongoing water quality advisory currently in place in parts of the city served by the Lakeview water system.

According to the city, it’s more likely because West Kelowna is flushing out the water distribution pipes used by the system. This week, West Kelowna started the flushing.

The process involves running water at a high velocity through the mains to refresh the pipes and remove any sediment accumulated within them.

The city says while the flushing is underway, Lakeview system users may see additional discolouration in the water.

Signs will be posted in areas where mains are being flushed and residents are asked to minimize their water consumption if possible when signs are posted in their areas.

If residents notice additional discolouration after the flushing is completed in an area, they are advised to turn on their cold taps until the water runs clear.

The flushing will continue for several weeks weather permitting, and will resume in the spring if necessary.

The flushing is being conducted in anticipation of the eventual removal of the ongoing water quality advisory currently in place for the Lakeview system due to higher than normal turbidity levels in the Rose Valley reservoir. The water quality advisory has been in place since August and remains in effect.

The city recommends that children, the elderly, people with weakened immune systems and anyone wishing to seek additional protection, bring tap water to a rolling boil for at least one minute before drinking it, using it to wash or prepare food, or brush teeth with it. If they do not want to do that, thy should use an alternate source of safe water,such as bottled water or water from the city’s bulk water station in SHannon Lake.

Recently the city opened the tap of of the previously pass code-protected bulk water station at Shannon Lake Road and Asquith Road to the public to provide clean, treated water from the treatment plant located on Powers Creek in Upper Glenrosa during the water quality advisory .

West Kelowna says it is conducting ongoing monitoring of water from the the Lakeview system and says it is observing a downwards trend in the level of turbidity in the supply coming out of the Rose Valley reservoir.

The city says it will advise the public as soon as the water quality advisory is removed.