West Kelowna water quality advisory lifted

City says its safe again for everyone on the Lakeview water system to drink tap water.

The quality advisory has been lifted for water in West Kelowna's Lakeview water system.

West Kelowna has lifted the water quality advisory for the Lakeview water system.

According to the city, the latest testing has indicated the turbidity level has returned to an acceptable level of below one NTU. That is considered good on the table used to measure water quality.

But while the advisory for people such as seniors, the very young and those with compromised immune systems not to drink the water straight out of their taps has been lifted, city hall says water mains flushing will continue.

While the flushing is underway, some Lakeview system users may notice discoloration of their tap water, say city officials

Signs will be posted in areas where the flushing is taking place and residents of those areas are asked to minimize their water consumption if possible when the signs are up.

If residents notice discoloration after the flushing is completed, they are advised to run their cold water taps until the water runs clear.

Flushing will continue for several weeks—weather permitting—and will resume in the spring if necessary.

Meanwhile, free water will continue to be offered at the city’s bulk water station at Asquith and Shannon Lake Roads until Friday, Nov. 18.

The water quality advisory, affected approximately 4,000 connections in the area of Lakeview Heights, Boucherie Centre, Shannon Woods, Tallus Ridge and Shannon Lake, and was put in place in August due to the higher than normal turbidity levels in the Rose Valley Reservoir. The reservoir is the supply source for Lakeview water system.

The lifting of the advisory means it is no longer recommended that children, the elderly, people with weakened immune systems and anyone wishing to seek additional protection, bring water to a rolling boil for at least one minute, or use an alternate, safe source of drinking water, such as bottled water.