Wonder what Kelowna council will prioritize?

Kelowna City Council outlined priorities today that will guide city operations through to 2018.

Kelowna City Council outlined priorities today that will guide city operations through to 2018.

Each new Council meets to determine how it will do business during its term and agree on focus areas and projects that will help meet priorities.

“The way we work and the areas we have chosen to focus on reflect our citizens’ priorities and our commitment to build on the momentum of previous Councils,” said Kelowna Mayor Colin Basran. “It’s an exciting time for Kelowna, and Council is committed to ensuring our citizens continue to enjoy a high quality of life.”

By focusing on a number of key strategies important to Council and the community it represents, Council will guide City staff in the work they do. From large-scale construction projects to financial policies, all contribute to a vibrant city.

Council priorities include:

clean drinking water

building vibrant urban centres

ensuring a healthy, safe, active & inclusive community

delivering a balanced transportation network

acting as a catalyst for business

providing strong financial management

“Council’s highest priority is clean drinking water,” said Mayor Basran.

“Approximately 21 public and private water utilities deliver drinking water of varying quality and rates to Kelowna residents. The City wants to work with the Province and Irrigation Districts to develop a long-term plan that leads to an integrated and resilient water system that delivers clean drinking water to all citizens at equitable rates and offers a sustainable water supply for agriculturists. We also want a system that can respond to impacts resulting from climate change and changing regulations. The biggest asset we have in Kelowna is that there are multiple sources of water. The greatest liability is that they aren’t interconnected.”

To help deliver these priorities, Council has also determined how it expects the decision making process to be conducted:

be open for opportunity

build on momentum

be fair but firm

provide pragmatic leadership

foster transparency in decision making

invest in balanced infrastructure

be committed to responsive customer service

focus on planning excellence

For more information and a list of Council priority projects, check out the Council focus document and quick-reference one-pager at kelowna.ca/council under Council Priorities.