Dalton Hutchinson is riding in style with his newly upgraded 1998 Chevy truck, thanks to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. His truck was unveiled Saturday at Cap-It Kelowna. - Credit: Carli Berry/Capital News

Youth speechless after wish is granted

The Make A Wish Foundation granted Dalton Hutchinson his wish Saturday in Kelowna

When one Fernie mother watched her son climb into his newly overhauled truck, she was brought to tears.

It’s not every day that a 17-year-old gets a completely renovated vehicle, but for Dalton Hutchinson, the renovation was not just an everyday reward.

Dalton was diagnosed with osteogenic sarcoma in 2011. He received extensive rounds of cancer treatments and is an amputee as a result. He is now in remission after his surgeries at the Children’s Hospital in Calgary.

“I’m so overwhelmed,” said mother Denise Hutchinson, who dabbed tears from her eyes.

“His make-a-wish was to have his truck redone.”

The 1998 Chevy step-side Dalton bought from his uncle received massive upgrades. When it was unveiled at Cap-It Kelowna Saturday, Dalton didn’t know what to say.

He couldn’t describe it in one word, or multiple words.

“I’m on cloud nine. That’s what I did this for, just to see his face and his reaction and to change his life for the better,” said co-owner of Cap-It Jason Tucker.

“I got really into the project and wanted to make this wish a reality for him.”

The truck received a six-inch suspension lift, new mud tires and off-road wheels, the exterior was changed from a glossy to matte black and a new audio system was installed.

The headlights and taillights were also upgraded and the interior was cleaned and renovated. Rust was also removed from the body.

The retail cost would be $25,000, said Tucker.

“If you put the before picture and the now picture, you won’t even recognize it,” he said.

“I’m never going to see him now,” said Denise.

She didn’t recognize the truck. “It looks brand new.” she said.

Dalton currently has his learners license, and will be able to drive alone next year. He took a long time deciding on his wish, being outdoorsy, he also thought of a hunting trip or fishing trip.

“He’s going to have it for a very long time,” said Denise.

Dalton and his family came out to see the results of the three-week renovation Saturday at Cap-It Kelowna.

Thanks to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Cap-It Kelowna, Factor Autofilm and Mobileworks Electronics, the Fernie youth will be riding in style.

Altogether 15 people through the businesses and sponsors renovated the truck.


From Left to Right: Casey Groves, wish recipient Dalton Hutchinson, Jason Tucker with Von Huston-Factor Autofilm, Curtis Froats of Mobileworks Electronics, Patrick Perry, Rhys Boardman, Aaron Tucker and Jon Godon unveil Siewert’s new truck Saturday as part of the Make A Wish Foundation at Cap-It Kelowna. - Credit: Carli Berry/Capital News