Clarifying the tax cut debate

Setting the record straight is important. This week in Parliament, the Liberal opposition tabled a motion denouncing corporate tax cuts.  

Ron Cannan

Setting the record straight is important. This week in Parliament, the Liberal opposition tabled a motion denouncing corporate tax cuts.  

The threat is that if the government’s next budget, which will be tabled in March, doesn’t abandon corporate tax cuts, then there will be an election…maybe.

Here’s the catch—you won’t see corporate tax cuts in Budget 2011 because the decision to cut the corporate tax rate was passed in Budget 2007, supported by the Liberal opposition.

Here’s another catch—to do as the Liberals want would be raising taxes on Canada’s job creators at a time in our economy when we need to support them.  

In fact, according to the Canadian Federation of Independent Business and the Canadian Exporters and Manufacturers, they welcome it.

The Opposition is claiming that they are fighting corporate tax cuts for the sake of the middle class. But doesn’t the middle class, like every other Canadian, want well-paying jobs too?

I think so and from the discussions with local businesses and at our pre-budget economic roundtable, they need our support.  

They want Parliament to keep its commitment to lowering taxes and to continue to make job creation a priority.

Corporations encompass small, medium and large size enterprises and its time the Opposition stopped the madness, stopped using our business community and the middle class as a means of fueling a potential election, stopped creating uncertainty for our exporters and manufacturers and got back onboard like it was in 2007.


Speaking of support, Dean Martell’s Kelowna Curling Club team was in Ottawa during White Cane Week to pursue its seventh—yes, seventh—consecutive Canadian Vision Impaired National Curling Championship.  

Martell will be joined by the rest of his Team Canada members Sandy Neddow, Frank Costello, Bob Comba, coach George Meikle and on-ice guide Barb-Hansen Comba.

I “skipped” down to meet them on Wednesday to cheer them on and to congratulate them on the great strides they continue to make raising awareness for Canada’s blind and visually-impaired.  

It’s also their goal to see curling become a full medal sport at the Paralympics. Go Team Canada Go!


Last but not least, as we have discussed many times in this column, our community is better off because of all the hard-working people who contribute to the cultural fabric of our community.  

I want to take this opportunity to congratulate the Intercultural Society of the Central Okanagan which will soon present the 7th edition of Global Citizen Kelowna.

Festivities will take place Feb. 19 to 26, commencing with the 6th annual “A Taste of Home” ethnic food and entertainment event.

Thanks to the efforts of co-president and coordinator Joyce Brinkerhoff, her team and the many volunteers who help make it happen, as well as financial support from the City of Kelowna, numerous local business sponsors and the federal government’s Building Communities Through Arts and Heritage program, our community will be able to enjoy a week of interesting and enjoyable multicultural events.  

I hope you’ll show your support and check it out.

For more information on the festival’s activities, check out the website

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Ron Cannan is the Conservative MP for Kelowna-Lake Country.