Food labelling law delay called troubling

To the editor:

To the editor:

An under-reported story last week was the federal government’s delay of the new food labelling law.

The new law calls for companies to identify known allergens, such as gluten, nuts, milk or sulphites on their product labels. It was set to be published by Health Canada this month, but last minute lobbying by the beer industry for a special exemption has delayed the new rules being implemented.

This comes despite the fact that an Angus Reid poll commissioned by the Canadian Celiac Association and Anaphylaxis Canada shows that 67 per cent of Canadians want the new labelling rules to apply to all food and beverage companies—including beer.

Aside from benefits accrued to people suffering from severe allergies, the new law benefits everyone through fewer hospital visits and resulting cost savings.

It’s a no-brainer. Therefore, when faced with the choice between the health and safety of its citizens or a powerful business lobby, it’s unfortunate that the government has chosen the latter.

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David Fowler, Kelowna