FortisBC can keep hands off analog meter

I have witnessed (FortisBC) in my mobile home park for the last two weeks (installing smart meters).

To the editor:

Regarding No Smart Meters Here Yet, Oct. 5 Capital News.

Neal Pobran, corporate communications advisor for FortisBC, in the second paragraph of his letter, stated that FortisBC has not installed smart meters or advanced meters in Kelowna or surrounding areas.

This simply isn’t true. I have witnessed them in my mobile home park for the last two weeks. My partner was home on Monday and said he was told my by the man with the Fortis truck that they were here to install the meters, and my boyfriend told them not to install it at our address, as we did not want it.

I attended a presentation, Thursday evening at the Mary Irwin Theatre, where we listened to speaker Jerry Flynn, a retired Canadian Armed Forces Captain, speak for two hours on the dangers of smart meters and advanced meters, how they work and our rights to refuse it; how these meters impact our health, safety, security and our pocketbook.

It was very informative. There were many testimonies of people who stated they already had a meter installed, and what can we do to get it removed, how to stop Fortis from trespassing on our property, etc.

There is a petition being signed by citizens of B.C. calling for a moratorium on the FortisBC Inc. Wireless Smart Meter Program here in B.C.

FortisBC is also aware that on May 31, 2011 the World Health Organization classified radio frequency electromagnetic fields as a Class 2B possible human carcinogen, and has called for further investigation.

For those of you who want the facts, there are some good websites to checkout:

Mr. Pobran, you said that Fortis does replace meters periodically for Measurement Canada compliance, but you know that that’s not what is going on in our communities right now, so why pretend otherwise? FortisBC will face opposition to these smart meters and the fact that they are being forced on us, without a public vote or option, to opt out before installation, in some cases. Even when flouride was added to the water in Calgary, where I was living at the time, 800,000 people had the opportunity to vote, as it too, is also a health issue. We lost by a very slim margin, but we still had a vote on it, and so it should be with smart meters here in B.C. We are human beings and we have rights. When I came home from the presentation a FortisBC truck passed me on the way into the park at quarter past ten at night, and from just hearing testimony on the deviousness of these installers showing up again, two or three days later to try and get their 10 minutes alone with my meter, knowing that it’s already been declined, caused me to wonder whether, perhaps, they are installing by flashlight at night, on properties that have said no to the meter?

We need to put the interests and concerns of B.C. citizens first, before profit, because one in four people will get sick, and that’s a much higher cost to pay for anything.

That is a whole other issue, but think about it. This new meter is called “smart,” there is nothing smart about it, and absolutely no positive advantage to those forced to have it. So just leave my $50 analogue meter alone.

Anita Erisman,

West Kelowna