In line to feed dog killers to the wolves

To the editor:

To the editor:

I cried when I heard of the mass execution of those beautiful creatures of God in Whistler, B.C. April 21-23, 2010.

Who made him (whoever responsible) Hitler? Why did it take so long to hear about this crime? Ten months is too long.

Did someone put a gun to the employee’s head to force him to do this despicable act? I think not.

Everyone responsible should be prosecuted. That, to me includes everyone with knowledge of this before and after, right down to the ones digging the hole and burying the dogs.

When found guilty, let me lead them all out to the country, and someone please tell me how to make them desirable for the wolf packs dinner. As far as I know wolves will not attack man.

I am as desperate to find a job and pay my bills as lots of folks are, but you couldn’t pay me $1 million to massacre animals.

Bravo to those who comment on Facebook.

How about a boycott of Whistler?

Billy Weber,

West Kelowna