Jaywalking should be stopped physically and legally

It is time for the city to act to save (jaywalkers) from their own bad judgment.

To the editor:

The recent trial of Cody Wengenmayr and his lawyers statement that the incident “could not have been avoided” brings up the question of how many people have to die by jaywalking in the block between Cooper and Dilworth across Harvey Avenue.

It is time for the city to act to save these people from their own bad judgment.

1. Pass a bylaw against jaywalking and instruct the RCMP to enforce it instead of stopping and allowing people to jaywalk in front of them.

2. Close the left turn lane off Harvey into the Orchard Park mall.

3. Install a four-foot (one meter) high chain link fence down the length of this block. This method was employed at several high schools in Edmonton to prevent students from jaywalking through traffic.

If the hotels and business including the mall along this stretch feel this might have a negative affect on their business, then funding a pedestrian bridge similar to the underutilized one by the Parkinson Rec Centre would be appropriate.

Morgan Borrowman, Kelowna