Letter: American defends gun ownership

The USA has a very violent culture, and a lot of Americans are willing to step up and defend ourselves and what is right.

To the editor:

In the Friday, Aug. 28 Kelowna Capital News, Charlie Hodge writes a story headlined “Guns: Americans Remain Unmoved by Tragic Shooting.”

I must correct Mr. Hodge by stating that a great many Americans are indeed moved by this and other events. Law-abiding citizens have obtained concealed weapons permits, purchased high quality handguns, and practised. We know that “when seconds count,” the police are “only minutes away.”

Many Americans feel a responsibility to take action if needed to protect ourselves and others from these raving lunatics. We don’t expect “government” to do that for us. That’s what the Second Amendment is all about. Our founders had the foresight to put it into the Constitution.

We are very much a self-reliant culture. Ask any street cop in the USA. He or she will tell you that all these “feel good” laws proposed will make no difference. All they do is make some left-wing politicians “feel good” that they have “done something.”

Maybe, more resources for the mentally ill would make more sense? Oh, and what about those uniformed ‘officers’ shown in the ‘photo ops’ with Obama? They are chiefs and superintendents, mostly appointed by mayors and governors and told to attend. They have little choice. If they don’t go and support the liberal boss’s agenda, they are ‘replaced.’

A bit of a side story here:  When I lived in the Portland, Oregon, area about 10 years ago, my bride and I attended a small church. Generally, Sunday attendance was 80 to 100. I was a police sergeant, Dane was a DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) agent, and Jon, an insurance broker. We were all armed. Pity the idiot who thought a bunch of defenseless sheep would be his victims. Likely? Not very. Possible. Yes. We were ready. P.S.: My Canadian bride is now a very good shot with my Glock 9 mm. (Of course, we only possess and carry this in the USA. We respect and obey Canada’s laws.)

Mr. Hodge, you cited a statistic: “More than 270 mass murders have happened already this year.” I am suspect of this number. Does it include cases where a police officer shoots and kills two suspects? Silly? No. Anti-gun organizations such as founded by billionaire Michael Bloomberg (protected by armed bodyguards) tout statistics.

Let’s take ‘school shootings,’ for example.” A victim of a gunshot is found on the sidewalk in front of a school at three a.m. on a Sunday morning. In their statistical world, this is a ‘school shooting.’ If you cite statistics, please explain them in full.

You note the Roanoke, Virginia incident has drawn the ‘ire’ of Obama and Hillary Clinton. Please recognize that these two have armed Secret Service protection for themselves and their families, on the taxpayer’s dime, for the rest of their lives. How about we provide them unarmed security guards? Hmm. Would they support this form of ‘gun control?’

I am a proud member of the National Rifle Association, which stands on guard to protect our Second Amendment rights. We oppose gun and owner registration systems because of a clear fact. Registration easily leads to confiscation. You can look at the United Kingdom, Australia, and even pre-war Germany for examples. How did being disarmed by the Nazi government work out for the Jewish people of Germany?

Remember the incident in Australia last year where a terrorist with a shotgun took over a coffee shop? Two brave Aussies lost their lives in taking him down. One armed citizen could have ended his project pretty quickly and saved lives.

Charlie, I like you a lot. We’ve met on several occasions and had good conversations. But please, don’t be critical of American beliefs. I don’t criticize the Canadian system.

It’s your choice. You didn’t grow up in the USA, and I didn’t grow up in Canada. The USA has a very violent culture, and a lot of Americans are willing to step up and defend ourselves and what is right. Let’s respect that our viewpoints will differ.

Before writing again on this topic, how about learning more about it? That is called responsible journalism.

American Freedom, published by the NRA, is a good place to start. I will gladly pass on my back issues to you, free of charge.

Bob Sherman, Kelowna