Letter: B.C. politics devoid of courageous people

To the editor: Re: Campbell Exits, His Legacy Still Uncertain (Feb. 23 Capital News).

I am dismayed about such a simple, misinformed and inaccurate column. There is no mention about our debt which has risen 16 per cent to a total of $48 billion which consumes 24.3 per cent of our provincial GDP!

The interest on this debt is consuming $8 million dollars a day—down the drain for what? 

Adding the provincial debt to the federal at $650 billion and it paints a picture of a house of cards that is starting and will collapse. 

Responsible reporting and government would have put this front and centre.

I wonder if any of you look at what is happening in the U.S. that threw tax monies down the drain, satisfying vote buying and a bloated, inefficient bureaucracy. 

The time has come to address these issues and we need educated people with courage to do it. I can’t see any here or, for that matter, in any party right now.

Ken Cosgrove,