As part of its infrastructure spending in 2017, Kelowna plans to make improvement to Boyce-Gyro Park in the Mission.—Image credit: Geocities

Letter: Boyce-Gyro: Let’s keep public space

I urge you to please change your philosophy and direction, keep the city-owned property

To Mayor and Council:

I’m writing to you once again on this matter as I feel it is truly in the public interest that the current city-owned property be kept for the long term use of the citizens and visitors to our city.

We have been very fortunate that so many people have chosen to move to Kelowna, and over the years councils have allowed infill and densification. The impact of this growth demands that the city retain properties and actually increase these areas, including key gathering spots like Gyro Park, with greater access and related parking. This is key to all age groups.

Please note that over the past several weeks, even with the ultra high water and changeable weather Gyro park has had significant attendance and the existing south parking lot is nearly always full. This is great news. Folks are getting out of their homes and condos and enjoying the very attributes we promote for our city.

The complete loss of surrounding property across Lakeshore Road for parking at Gyro Park truly emphasizes the need to increase the capacity of the north end parking at Watt Road and Lakeshore Road.

I urge you to please change your philosophy and direction, keep the city-owned property. Let’s show the community that the city encourages family activities in this central area of our city.

Tom Treadgold, Kelowna