Letter: Canada in a leadership vacuum

The politicians in our country have proven…they are more interested in getting themselves elected than serving fellow human beings.

To the editor:

Have you ever noticed that true leaders always rise to the challenge when a major ‘crisis’ occurs.

Over the past 100 years, each world crisis was successfully addressed by a proven leader – Churchill, Eisenhower, et al. The Cuban Crisis was met by John F. Kennedy. Our national FLQ Crisis in the 1960s was met head on by Pierre Trudeau. You might even consider the Okanagan Mountain Fire evacuation crisis in 2003 which was met head on by Beryl Itani and her cadre of volunteers.

Today, the world’s biggest crisis since WW2 needs true leaders to step up and help solve it. Germany has one such leader in Chancellor Merkel. In Canada we urgently need a similar leader, however I don’t see one in our present government.

The Canadian military has a world class reputation for it’s peace keeping and humanitarian work in areas of conflict such as Cyprus, Bosnia, Haiti, Africa, etc, etc. The reputation of Canada’s military has a great history, one based on bravery and compassion in times of war and unrest. One big reason our Canadian Forces has been so successful throughout it’s history is, it follows the unwritten mantra: Lead, follow or get out of the way.

Our present PM should follow such a creed rather than hiding in a broom closet. By not leading in the true sense of the word, in time of crisis, our PM is dragging down the reputation of our great country to a very low level in the eyes of the rest of the world.

As a proud Canadian, who served our country in uniform for more than 31 years, I am saddened and dismayed by our government’s pitiful response to the latest world refugee crisis. As a human being, I am embarrassed and disgusted by the lack of immediate, effective and concrete action by our Canadian political ‘elite’ towards helping fellow human beings in a time of great need.

The politicians in charge of our country have proven once again that they are a self-pandering lot, who are more interested in getting themselves elected by any means rather serving fellow human beings without reservation. So many politicians today have proven by their actions or lack thereof, that they are not leaders. Sadly, their mantra is: CYA [cover your ass].

It appears that the only true leaders today, outside of the military, are volunteers within non-profit organizations all across the country that are stepping up to organize the funding, the sponsorship and the welcoming with open arms to all refugees without any reservations whatsoever. Those volunteer leaders make the rest of us Canadians feel genuinely proud and humble. Not so our politicians.

A. Cabuche, Kelowna