Letter: Game club range has been there for 100 years

Shooting is like farm noise—suck it up or move to the ’burbs.

To the editor:

In response to Easter ‘bully’ Shatters Peace All Weekend letter to editor, April 29 Capital News.

I feel that a few things need to be made clear about this situation.

First of all: The Kelowna District Fish and Game Club has been in Southeast Kelowna for 100 years this year, much longer than Mr. Potts and his neighbours. If you buy property near a shooting range and then complain about the noise then you need to give your head a shake.

This kind of complaining is no better than the people who move to Kelowna to be around our vast vineyards and then complain about the propane cannons the farmers use to protect their crops.

Second of all: I lived on Bedford Road for 19 years, approx one km from the range and I never, at any point, felt that I was “forced indoors” by the noise. Sure I could hear it but I never felt disturbed by it.

Using a religious holiday as an excuse for “peace” doesn’t make any sense either, as not everybody has the same beliefs. To many it’s just a long weekend spent with friends and family, some who enjoy shooting sports.

If you really feel that bothered over a few days a year that sound like a “military invasion” then perhaps you should move to another part of town and not try to ruin things for those who use and enjoy the KDFGC. You don’t see the people who live near the airport trying to shut it down over the noise.

Adam Schmidt,