Letter: Intended or not, city likes to build

If a building was intended, we stick with it, if not…we put up a building anyway

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To the editor:

I find it interesting how city employees, council and mayor selectively support the intended use of purchased land.

The lots at the foot of Cedar Ave. were initially purchased by the city to establish a beach park. Now they would prefer to build on it.

When Queensway was zoned as part of Stuart Park in 2007 the supporting documentation said that was the use for which it was always intended. Ignored by council and rezoned for a large tourist information centre.

But at the Gyro Beach parking lot it’s OK to build on a portion of it because as an employee says, “commercial redevelopment was always anticipated when the city purchased the property.”

I guess it means that if a building was intended, we stick with it, if not, and it’s a popular area, we put up a building anyway.

Don Henderson, Kelowna