Letter: Kind gesture brings tears of joy

I was handed a single carnation by a young boy, along with his little sister.

To the editor:

As a prelude to the upcoming holiday season, most organizations are looking for donations. However, I was most pleasantly surprised Friday [Oct. 23] at the Plaza 33 Mall in Rutland.

As I was wheeling towards a restroom, I was handed a single carnation by a young boy, named Noah who, along with his little sister Ava and their mother were walking towards me.

I asked if they wanted a donation.

In reply, the mother said they were spreading the ‘joy.’

I told them I love flowers and expressed my thanks.

What a refreshing switch! Needless to say, in the restroom, tears of joy streamed down my cheeks. Since I’m still grieving the loss of my husband Bing, who died this last June, it was so very, very nice to know people care.

Later, as I waited for handyDART, a kind security guard, named Christian, have me a push up the steep ramp to go outside and wait in the pleasant Okanagan sunshine.

Thank you, kind people, and thank you, Jesus.

Helen Whiteway, Kelowna