Letter: Let us be heard on electoral reform

Why is holding a referendum so troubling to the Liberals and Mr. Fuhr in particular?

Kelowna Lake Country MP, Stephen Fuhr

To the editor:

It is troubling to me to hear the local Liberal MP Mr. Stephen Fuhr reject the idea that holding a referendum on electoral reform to be a deal-breaker for him. Saying a referendum would be divisive is not a reason, but simply a new excuse.

Holding a referendum was one of the recommendations the Committee on Electoral Reform had set forward. This committee, headed by former Liberal Justice Minister Anne McLellan, worked for six months at great expense to the taxpayer only to be abandoned by the Liberals. Why?

I’m left wondering: Why is holding a referendum so troubling to the Liberals and Mr. Fuhr in particular? After all, Mr. Trudeau’s promise of Canada never again having an election under the first-past-the-post system was prominent in his election platform. As well, has Mr. Fuhr forgotten the promise he made to the Green Party candidate that he would deliver on electoral reform in exchange for the Green Party candidate stepping down and delivering his support to Mr. Fuhr?

I strongly believe, as do many others who follow what happens in our House of Power, that promises made should be promises kept. Sad to say we haven’t seen that from this governing party.

In a letter to the editor lately, someone stated this electoral reform issue should be left to the professionals. I agree fully and for me on this issue, the professionals are Canadians. In a country such as ours, no government should ever be able to force change of a system so fundamental to democracy as electoral reform on its people without a referendum.

Let the people speak. Let the people be heard.

Gertrude Sawatzky, Kelowna