Letter: No evidence corp tax cuts benefit Canadians

To the editor:

I’d like to respond to MP Ron Cannan’s Feb. 11 opinion column that was ridiculously printed under the heading of “news.” (Clarifying the Tax Cut Debate.) 

I’m no fan of the Liberal Party of Canada, but I was very disappointed to see Cannan bashing the Liberals while not offering anything positive for his constituents. 

I was also disappointed to read Mr. Cannan parrot the PMO’s talking points about corporate tax cuts while offering no evidence that they will benefit average Canadians. 

The Conservatives claim their corporate tax cuts will benefit the poor and the middle class because they will create jobs. However, they offer no evidence to guarantee this is the case, probably because there is none.

In fact the governments own numbers don’t support their argument. The Canadian Economic Action Plan’s Report #6 states that corporate income tax cuts have a “limited impact” when compared to other measures such as investing in infrastructure, housing, or employment insurance. 

Given that Mr. Cannan’s party has already created the highest deficit this nation has ever seen, shouldn’t they give us some guarantee of positive results before they cut $3 billion from federal revenues?

Curtis Sanderson