Letter: No security for Kelowna mayor

To the editor:

After our Rally Against Police Brutality, where 100 people braved the cold to stand up for justice and our own mayor came out to talk about solutions, the RCMP dropped the ball.

Prior to the rally I had a meeting with Stephen Fleming and Paul Driscol of the RCMP. We had a lot of security concerns. 

Before the rally, myself, a member of the city, and Inspector Driscol were supposed to meet. 

They didn’t show up at all. In fact, for an hour and a half I waited for some kind of sign from the Police that they were serious about their involvement, but not once was I contacted.

My personal safety was never a concern. The safety of our mayor was.

As we marched at 12:30 to the courthouse to stage our rally, I walked around the boardwalk to see our mayor standing alone on the courthouse steps. Our mayor—with no security around her at all, standing on the steps of the courthouse waiting for a group of irate citizens to come and voice their concerns. 

I know that Mayor Sharon Shepherd is a woman of substance—she was willing to stand up and talk solutions where other politicians wouldn’t. But when I walked up to the courthouse, and saw that our mayor was left standing alone, without any protection from the RCMP, I was deeply, and completely offended.

Darin Howard,