Letter: One Prospera employee puts customers first

All three days [of Rock the Lake] I witnessed [Gerry Gagnon] doing so many great things for everyone…

To the editor:

Wow pretty much sums it up.

I am writing this on my behalf of my husband. When we purchased the tickets for Rock the Lake [three-day event at Prospera Place] we had no idea about the handicapped accessibility, but with several answered questions from [the Prospera] page we thought we would be satisfied.

We understand this was the first RTL with a ton of things that might pop up, so here is our story which we will forward to the staff of Prospera Place and Kelowna media.

My husband is actively listed for a double lung transplant. We arrived at the handicapped parking area, paid our $20 and in we went with excitement. My husband can walk with oxygen but not for a long way and—note to self for next year—we will have our own wheelchair.

When we went to go into the area where we were told to park, the security person working this area wanted my husband to walk to the end of the building around the back and through the doors. He was not open to discussion at all and

after explaining our situation and also watching another family push her husband over speed bumps on a walker, shame on him for making us go through this.

I asked the security person to radio someone and in the end he did and we were sent an angel. This gentle soul, named Gerry Gagnon, came to our rescue. He got us a wheelchair to borrow, helped us get through the gate without making us walk around the whole building and literally took care of us and every handicapped person there all weekend.

I watched him from afar on many occasions help so many people. I saw him bring a burger and a water to a gentleman in a wheelchair and when I asked [Gerry] about it he was so modest in saying, “the man was hot and hungry and his wife is elderly so I just helped out and got him a bite to eat.”

I asked him if he payed for it himself and he said “Yes I did but that is OK. I would do it for anyone.”

All three days I witnessed [Gerry] doing so many great things for everyone, and for the people who were in the handicapped section he went above and beyond. I saw so many people shake his hand and tell him what a great guy he is and what a great job he was doing, which we too can’t thank him enough.

Prospera Place is so incredibly lucky to have such great employee. This man deserves a raise, I am sure, for his dedication to his job and the kindness he displays for all his efforts, and for his kind heart he showed to so many people. For us we are forever grateful for our angel Gerry Gagnon so we were able to enjoy Rock The Lake 2016.

Sandi Croaker, Kelowna