Letter: Open ‘handicapped’ parking spaces to all

Let people with an impaired mobility pass park anywhere without plugging the meter.

To the editor:

So, handicapped parking passes are to be used in handicap/disabled parking spaces only. If you park in another empty space you will be expected to pay.

I’m assuming the bureaucrats at Kelowna city hall have no concept of the stress added to the life of the handicapped as they circle the downtown streets searching for a spot near their destination.

Various appointments— medical, dental, legal, etc., are scheduled. The handicapped usually need more time to walk from their car to the appointment.

Apparently we need more handicapped spots, though this can be very impractical. Better yet, let those who qualify for the handicapped pass park wherever they find a spot, and avoid regular payment if they display the pass. I’m sure the city can manage its budget without those few extra dollars. This would open up the current ‘handicapped spots’ for other drivers who need to park in the area.

If this creates a serious lack of income at city hall, perhaps a dollar or two from employees could be deposited in a collection box at city hall. According to the latest review of civic incomes, this would help ease the burden carried by the elderly or handicapped who struggle with minimum pensions.

If you are still able to drive but unable to find parking near your destination, you may be advised to contact handiDART. Is handiDART cost efficient? Should they have smaller buses? The drivers are most efficient, but it is hard to schedule accurately. For the customers it could be a two-hour project for a half-hour appointmen. This is stressful for many who might need to adjust their medication.

Many of us want to remain independent as long as possible. Please help us achieve that goal.

M. F. Wort, Kelowna