Letter: Our forests are sacred

For centuries, we have treated our forests like disposable commodities

To the editor:

I realize that I might be barking up the wrong tree and that the idea I am proposing might be no more than the midnight ramblings of an old man, but I think perhaps, the time has come for an evolutionary concept.

Given that a great number of our community members find some form of spiritual enlightenment within our watershed, and that this watershed is also home to many of the creatures and plants that we hold dear, and given the extremely sensitive balance that occurs here and that is unique and vital to our happiness and even our survival, and given also that water is held in such regard that it is akin to life itself and given that life is held sacredly a vast majority of people, should not the source of our water, our watershed, be given a designation appropriate to its greater value.

For centuries, we have treated our forests like disposable commodities. Some values, once lost, cannot be replaced.

I therefore call on people who care, to institute for our watershed, the designation of Sacred Forest and apply to it the appropriate protections.

Joe Klein for the Peachland Watershed Protection Alliance