Letter: Praying next government

May the party that gets elected govern with wisdom, integrity and compassion.

Open letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper:

For openers, I voted for you last time and will again, however; I have a few concerns. For one: Our military.

Our Navy is a disgrace, the Army I think, are in much need for equipment also. Our Air Force—old airplanes. I spent 20 years in the RCAF and was proud to do so. I wonder how the men and women serving now feel.

Also, you have cut back on funding to the provinces for health care and education too much. Maybe tax the very rich a little more, not overly, but a little more.

Also religious freedom—it seems like people from other countries coming here get whatever they wish in schools, wherever and whatever they wish, but the Christians get nothing. Bibles are taken out of schools.

For example the Gideons cannot give Bibles out any more because it may offend those of other religions. They don’t have to take them. Also the Lord’s prayer the same. Whoever doesn’t agree doesn’t have to take part.

Now to the very controversial subject—the death penalty.

We should bring it back, especially for serial killers and pedophiles who abuse and kill kids. Classic example, Blairmore Alta. These people are just using up good air.

Also I think that those awaiting trial for murder, if they are found guilty, should not get the two for one deal they get now, the crime is what they chose to do.

These are just some of the feelings that I have and I know the bleeding hearts will not agree with me. That’s their choice, but I know many will. Maybe even you won’t, but I felt I should let your know how many of us feel about many things.

I wish you the best of luck in the coming election. My wife and I pray for our government every day and I will leave you with that.

May the party that gets elected govern with wisdom, integrity and compassion.

Ken Thompson, Kelowna