Letter: RDCO dog control out of control

I am paying for dog control, but not getting anything for my money.

To the editor:

RDCO (Regional District of the Central Okanagan) is spending $1.5 million on dog control in this new budget, but there is no dog control whatsoever in my subdivision.

In fact, I have been listening to excessive and overnight barking for six years now.

RDCO told me that my behaviour has to change before I get any dog control, because I got mad about the lack of dog control. The same people walk their dog off leash daily. There is shit piled high along the road. There are at-large dogs coming into my yard.

I think it’s time to remove government and I am not joking. Life would be a lot better if we had some control over our government instead of government having control over us, raping us of our money and getting nothing for it but grief.

I think it is time we had people working for us instead of against us. I feel that we have to work 100 times harder than government to get anything done. It shouldn’t take forever to try and get some frigg’n dog control.

Friday March 27, 2015 at 9 a.m. is RDCO’s budget meeting where you are allowed to talk just before they pass the budget that they have already decided on. They don’t hold a budget meeting on a day people have off work. They make sure they hold a budget meeting so that people won’t have time to have a say.

I suggest you speak up about the lack of dog control and the extraordinary cost associated with it, and the way RDCO is treating some people like me. RDCO is the biggest bully around telling me that my behaviour needs to change before I get any dog control. I am paying for dog control, but not getting anything for my money.

In my opinion we don’t need a government, we need people who work for us, not against us.


Sharon Schnurr, Kelowna