Letter: Science has definitely trumped religion

Science offers more congruity to modern life says a Kelowna letter writer

To the editor:

“There is a tide in the affairs of men at which​ time one must speak.”

My apologies to Shakespeare, for, I am compelled to respond, through this diatribe, to Mr. Art Ferguson’s letter, Aug.18.

Granted, he is somewhat correct in stating that Canada is no longer classed as a Christian country. Our ethnic diversity shares the responsibility, along with the undeniable fact, that as time marches on, religion does get trampled. In western countries, certainly, more and more people, especially the youth, have moved on from religion, to choose no faith, whatsoever. The violence fomented by religion, as well as its hypocrisy, intolerance, insane dogma, and, indeed, irrelevance has become unattractive as a belief structure. Religion gives god a bad name.

Science offers more congruity to modern life. Super natural power, which is referenced, belongs in the comic book trade. Science functions according to natural rules and verifiable evidence as opposed to religion which functions through power, control and deceit. And speaking of science, truth becomes more self evident as one reaches the inverse square of the distance between oneself and the church.

Yes, indeed, science has definitely trumped religion, so you may as well relegate your god to the top shelf beside Zeus, Thor, Odin, Neptune, and a few others that didn’t work either. Evolution is staring you in the face.

It is time to create a suitable environment in which you could read some good books. Those who read only the bible are analogous to republicans who view only Fox news; the sad result of which is distortion and obfuscation of all that is important in life.

I suggest you undertake a series of mental exercises in critical thinking, and not rely on blind faith, for further guidance.

Lynn Bryngelson, Kelowna