Letter: Seniors are not just any old ‘you guys’

I can count on one hand how many times any employees have acknowledge me. Only a few young men stocking shelves will say hello.

To the editor:

Re: Good Customer Service Requires Honest Communication, July 31 Cap News.

I have been shopping at (markets) in the Mission for 26 years now and I can count on one hand how many times any employees have acknowledged me. Only a few of the young men stocking the shelves will say hello at times.

One chap of a certain age will chat at times. His name is Yves and lately they have a new cashier by the name of Darrell who is so pleasant.

However, for a while now they have started to play this loud music and I can’t wait to leave, sometimes forgetting some of the things I came for.

But it is not only in the stores, I would say that at least 40 per cent of the people in Kelowna are seniors, yet you can’t find a nice restaurant where you can have a nice quiet meal with just soft background music, so you can talk without having to shout at each other and being greeted with “Are YOU GUYS ready to order?”

I know we are getting old and I am not including all young people, many of them still treat us with respect, especially when you consider that this nice city and country they live in is due to us old folks and many of us are veterans.

Well enough of  my b,,,,,,g. I did enjoy your column.

Eugenie, 91 years old,