Volunteer Kurt Bozak helps tie sandbags at the Ellison Fire Hall as residents prepare for flooding in the Mill and Scotty Creek areas. - Image Credit: Carli Berry

Letter: Thank you to those that helped others

We dodged this first bullet but the precautionary effort was a learning process and reality check

To the editor:

As a ‘small town kid’ many years ago, I feel proud of the thousands of individual efforts I saw come to surface as this fight against nature’s flood fighters have joined together on all levels against this threat.

We may have dodged this first bullet but the precautionary efforts is both a learning process and a reality check. Many unfortunate stories will emerge with those who are experiencing/experienced survival in this reality check. Fire, flood, drought—this variety list is very real when it happens to you.

I simply would like to thank the many who volunteered in the dozens of different venues—the untold heroes. They reminded me that when they can, they will help those who struggled in fear in the dark. My heart goes out to the many who may have lost the battle and please remember ‘we can do what I cannot’ and you have the power in hundreds of ways…even with a concerned ear…to make a difference. Thank you all who have.

Joel Rickard, Kelowna