Letter: Thanking crews for sandbag removal

Kelowna - All day long, each crew member carried one bag in each hand and stacked them on pallets

To the editor:

Huge shout out to the Mackenzie BC Forests, Lands and Operations Wildfire Service crews who spent all day Monday June 19 removing thousands of sandbags which residents and volunteers had placed when Mill Creek overflowed in early May.

Many of those sandbags were wet and nearly all of them were musty smelling, yet all day long, each crew member from the Mackenzie district carried one bag in each hand, stacked them on pallets on the road and alley for the hiabs and trucks to pick up.

Thank you Mackenzie crew for helping us; we are grateful beyond words. And thank you Guisachan Starbucks for donating coffee and treats for the crew.

Marilyn Strong, Kelowna