Image: Alex Cooper/Revelstoke Review

Letter: Trudeau followed party lines on Khadr deal

Kelowna letter writer says the justice system needs some fixing

To the editor:

Prime Minister Trudeau’s response to the settlement of Omar Khadr’s case was on party lines. He stated that Canada’s legal system would be litigated in the future and could cost taxpayers millions ($40M).He must know that the Liberal litigation team would lose. Do they even have lawyers? Only the best.

Maybe the system and the appointed high court was the reason the government caved. The judicial system in Canada has been backlogged for years. Delays, adjournments, and the lawyers getting continuances makes their day. The law in Canada allows the judge, prosecutor, and the pubic defender to bill the system for their time in court, for work not done. To me it is a make work program. Prime Minister Trudeau please stay at home and clean up a system where justice has been second place to law.

Gary Scramstad, Kelowna