Letter: Where can big dogs exercise in new Central Green plan?

So, please show us, the dog owning taxpayers, where the space for a big dog area will be located.

Open letter to Kelowna mayor and council:


I have reviewed the new proposed development for Central Green that appeared on Kelowna Now and I’m a bit confused.


Every day we take our beautiful 5-year-old, energetic black lab/Great Dane to the Richter St./Rowcliffe big dog park which is now part of Central Green.  Here there is room for more than 10 big dogs to run, jump, chase a ball or Frisbee without worrying about another dog stealing the toy or interfering. It’s a great dog park and the dog owners are all respectful of each other’s dogs.


What has me confused from the new plan, is the existing big dog park appears to be the same area where the new park is being proposed. I have looked at the design for the new park and can’t figure out where the fenced big dog park will be located within that park.


Along with many big dog owners who use the park on a daily basis I would like to see the big dog  park boundaries marked on the new park.


As you know, there is no other big dog park in the central part of the city. The strip of land adjacent to the road up Knox Mountain isn’t sufficient for a big dog to run and chase a Frisbee or ball. The swampy dog park at H2O also doesn’t have enough room for big dogs to run and catch their balls or Frisbees; especially when there are five more other dogs there.


So, please show us, the dog owning taxpayers, on the map of the new Central Green plan, where the space for a big dog park area will be located.


Thank you.


Marilyn Strong, Kelowna