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Caregivers do their level best with seniors

To the editor:

I am writing this letter in defence of the caregivers and nurses who give the best that they can, to their elderly patients or any one under there care. (Re: Letter to the editor from Nancy Hoeght: Not Much ‘Care’ from Some Care Givers, Dec. 30 Capital News.)

I have a family member who is a caregiver and who comes home every day tired and exhausted after an eight hour shift of caring and looking after, to the best of her ability, the elderly patients under her care. She has been spat on, cursed at and even hit by some of her elderly patients but she is still there the next day and every other day with a smile and a caring and helpful attitude to these same patients under her care.

You say your 92-year-old gentleman friend told you about caregivers and nurses yelling at your friend and his roommate. Well, did you talk with any other residents at this home and get there opinions on the nurses and caregivers?

There is, unfortunately, many people in these long term facilities who do not want to be there but, through circumstances whether it be illness or just that they are unable to take care of themselves, they are put into these long-term facilities, a great majority of the time by their own family members and some but not all try to make it as difficult as they can for the staff only because they do not want to be there and so some do have to be spoken to firmly but kindly because of their attitude to authority at the facility. There has to be order and some just want attention all the time and unfortunately these particular patients rob time that should be spent by the staff on genuine elderly patients who do need help.

You make a statement about paycheques. Of course, they need their paycheques. Who does not, what with the hard times and the mess that our economy is in? And you state that they should find another field of work if all they think about is their paycheques. That really is so ridiculous that I should really just ignore it and treat it with the contempt it deserves.

I do not know, Mrs. Hoeght, if you work but maybe instead of complaining about our caregivers and nurses who try there hardest to take care of and help our elderly, maybe you should come forward and volunteer some of your time at these facilities. I am sure that the staff would really appreciate it and then maybe you could see what a great job these nurses and caregivers are doing under very trying and difficult conditions.

T.J. McLuskey,



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