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We’d be crazy to legalize marijuana

To the editor:

In response to Darrin Fiddler’s letter to the editor with regard to marijuana, he has omitted several points that need mentioning.

To some degree I feel like an under-achiever as I do not have any of the vices that Mr. Fiddler claimed we all harbor, but as a pilot and businessman, I have had experience in the past with marijuana users.

When serving my apprenticeship in a steel fabricating shop, my life and those of my crew shift were almost ended by the overhead gantry crane driver. He scattered the crew with a 20-ton load of sheet steel wildly swinging over our heads (followed by) a big silly grin on his face and a “peace” sign for all.

Legalize marijuana? Ask our almost-widows.

As a businessman who travels to the USA frequently, a hitchhiker needing a lift compromised my passage. The cannabis resin in his clothing, although minute, transferred to the car seats, was enough to catch the attention of the Drug Enforcement Agency dog handler.

Questions were asked, an entry made on my data file, and (I experience) delays now in crossing the border.

Of note, this incident happened two weeks after he had been in my car.

The DEA do not have a permissive attitude—they are fully aware of the damage done to the social and economic well being of their country and respond in kind.

Legalize marijuana?

Sadly many adults in responsible position, who are addicted to marijuana (but deny it) dismiss it as a social outlet. Regrettably it is the children who are watching and learning who lack the maturity to make a judgment call on its use, who are set on the road to dependency and the rest of the “benefits.”

These so called “benefits” include: Dropping out of school, inability to concentrate, can’t keep a job, indolence, violence, bush parties/forest fires and many time leading them to living on the streets.

On the adult side: Broken homes, unemployable, lack of ambition, breaking and entering, no international travel privileges, drive-by shootings, etc. The list is long and downward.

The benefits? None comes to mind—ask the gantry crane driver.

I thank our government and law enforcement agencies for standing tall on this one. This is one disaster that you won’t want to meet coming at you on a rainy night with your family strapped in the car.

Or how about the captain of your 737 shooting a difficult instrument landing approach to minimums on a stormy night?

Legalize marijuana? Right!

Brian R. Mellis,

West Kelowna

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