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Letter: Wolves will be hunted down

To the editor:

Wolves in B.C. have no hope, no hope to survive, no hope of protecting their children.

The B.C. government has declared war against Wolves and like a criminal mafia, has more than enough killers to do their dirty work. Wolves live in constant fear and terror that this is their last day, chased and killed like Indians for centuries. Wolves are assaulted to death from every direction, including above, with bullets raining down from the skies, with no reprieve. They have no place to hide for safely. Welcome to Canada.

The B.C. government says that anyone, all year round, can kill nursing mothers leaving babies to die a horrific death of starvation, fear and pain. Anyone, at any time can walk into a wolf den and butcher babies and infants to death. According to the B.C. wolf “management” plan, anyone, without license or registration, can terrorize wolves, chasing them with helicopters for hours and hours and hours until wolves are so exhausted they cannot take another step, then blasting them to death with high powered semi-automatic rifles. The government says this is sport hunting.

Baiting and killing wolves all year has become legal. Trapping of wolves has increased and intensified. Wolves are trapped with steel leg hold, conibare and snare traps without limits. Most of you know how barbaric and gruesome steel leg hold traps are but most of you may not know that conibare and snare traps are even worse. Conibare and snare traps slowly crush the animal for hours and hours to a hideous and gruesome death. If any of you have ever heard an animal screaming caught in these traps, you will never get the scream out of your head as long as you live.

Hideous and barbaric sterilization methods are used against wolves. The government is ripping the reproductive organs out of female wolves with no anesthesia then throwing them back into the wilderness where they die, horribly physically and emotionally traumatized, bleeding to death from the evisceration of their bodies or ripped apart to death by other animals.

The B.C. government is promoting wolf killing contests, paying obscene amounts of money to anyone to kill wolves. Many of you may be wondering why the government is doing this. Why is this government deranged and savage? You probably think they just need to be educated.

This is false. They know exactly what they are doing.

The government wants to torture and kill nature. As long as there are wolves, nature will always recover. In order for the government to succeed in torturing and massacring nature, they have to commit genocide against wolves. Wolves and cougars are the top iconic animals that keep nature alive. Killing wolves is their check mate strategy.

If you want a livable planet for your children and grandchildren, you better care what happens to wolves. This is war against wolves, therefore it is a war against all of us.

Pierre Lebel,

South Slocan


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