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Letter: Russia plays out political game its own way

To the editor:

Why has it been so difficult for the human species to achieve peace and freedom? Could it just be that almost every nation on this planet, excluding Iceland, has mostly managed to bring into power arrogant, self- centered narcissists whose most gifted personality trait is in compulsive lying?

Could the problem also lie within the citizens of those countries who have a constant craving for authority, are incapable of critical thinking, and have a need for being lied to rather than being told the truth? Is it possible that the citizens of every nation actually represent a mirror image of their leader, and it is the citizens who should be held responsible for bringing a dictator to power and keeping him there?

The technological advances should have made the human animal more intelligent, but instead, it looks like it has made it more irrational, sadistic and mechanical.

The situation in Ukraine is like a nightmare that never seems to be ending. We have so many global conflicts going on today, that maybe this time around, if a thermonuclear war erupts as a result of this conflict, people just might finally start paying attention.

And, as always, the US has to be the major player on the centre stage, babbling to the rest of the world that their interference is necessary and is being done in the name of democracy. Those democracy loving Americans, what would the world do without them? We would all be without freedom and democracy if it was not for the American heroes saving the world.

The world has witnessed what the US democracy has managed to do to countries such as Afghanistan and Libya, the little social order that these countries had prior to the invasion they managed to destroy. And I won’t even get into the illegal drone attacks which the US carries out against these nations including Pakistan, of course, all being done in the name of democracy.

A nation under the rule of plutocracy will never be able to introduce democracy successfully through forceful occupations. Therefore it does not make sense that the US and other NATO countries would even try to attempt introducing democracy to less fortunate nations when in fact they don’t even know what democracy means in the first place; unless democracy is used as a smoke screen in their endeavours.

There is one thing the US seems to not realize this time around and that is that Russia will most likely play this game a lot differently than how Afghanistan, Iraq or Libya did. The mainstream media has been censoring important information, as always, but then that is what is expected to happen when nations are ruled by plutocracy. The media avoided to mention that the American bully was the one who instigated the conflict in Ukraine, and spent $5 billion of its money doing so.

Victoria Nuland, the assistant secretary of state for European affairs, was recently caught on tape discussing with the UK ambassador, Geoffrey Pyatt, about bringing a change in the Ukraine regime and getting Yatsenyuk to replace Yanukovych.

Furthermore, in order to destabilize the regime in Ukraine the western powers created a division among the people, which always works like magic, and inserted, like a virus, the extreme right wing Svoboda party neo-Nazis on the centre stage in Kiev; the neo-Nazis group is the one responsible for killing both the protesters as well as the police officers. This is an obvious Western-backed coup, so hopefully the people in Ukraine will see through the screen and will demand western countries back off before this conflict escalates into something more serious.

The media needs to stop betraying democracy and it must start including all information in its reporting. Censorship of information will give rise to a fascist regime, and if people won’t demand changes in how information is being shared then we are heading towards a not so friendly future.

Furthermore, nations need to start taking responsibility for their own mess instead of relying on outside forces that always make an already bad situation worse. If the Ukrainians choose to accept so-called aid from western economic hitmen, then they will be voluntarily giving up everything of real value in their country, and that also includes oil; austerity measures for most will definitely follow and riches for the few.

Monika Hudecova,



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