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Letter: Every child should get ‘intense scrutiny’ every second

To the editor:

How stupid are we, do we not have any common sense? Perhaps the issue is too great to accept responsibility for your offspring. The ramifications would implicate almost every adult including all politicians, judicial personal from supreme court judges, RCMP, clerks in court buildings, including adult citizens on the street.

The judicial system does not want to open this can of worms. They allowed or bought the technology, giving it to their 18 and younger siblings without intense supervision or guidance.

These pre-teens and teens have killed themselves because of online bulling.

Who’s fault is it?

1. The bully?

2. The parents who gave them the technology without supervision or guidance?

3. The person 18 and younger who killed themselves?

Remember, without the technology or proper intense supervision they would not have killed themselves. This would have been stopped before it went to far. They would not be sexting others if the proper parental super vision was in place.

It is obvious that in Amanda Todd’s case, or Rehtaeh Parsons, their Internet activity was not properly monitored by her parents negating their duty to her.

Truth hurts, but take responsibility for your lackadaisical parenting. Remember the court system is just [as] at fault because [of its] wanton inaction.

The truth being this would not have happened if they would have taken more of an interest in what she was doing on the Internet or not giving her this technology. It would not have placed her in this situation.

However; it seems to always be the other guy’s fault, not mine.

I am not stating the bully is faultless. He, she or they must also be held accountable for their actions. (Common sense dictates this.)

Adults [are] shirking their responsibilities to their offspring and with society’s blind eye to it all.

Time that society must grow up.

Frank Desmet,


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