Parkade plan violates covenant’s spirit

Why let the council and the upper city management sacrifice and wreck your covenant land for an ugly parkade?

To the editor:

Kelowna citizens, why let the  council and the upper city management sacrifice and wreck your  covenant land for an ugly parkade between Memorial Arena and the Kelowna Museum? And why accept the $15 million debt load for a parkade which is mainly for Interior Health’s employee parking?

City council and the upper city management state that the proposed parkade conforms to the Simpson covenant. However, council and city bureaucrats do everything to avoid the issue of the spirit and intent of the covenant.

For maximum public benefit, the covenant was intended to keep most of the land in a park-like state.

Kasugai Gardens conforms and embellishes the spirit of the covenant. Full enjoyment of beautiful Kasugai Gardens would be harmed by the overbearing, noisy parkade.

Furthermore, losing full use of covenant land by all citizens for Interior Health parking is another disgusting rip-off by the city.

The land was turned into an asphalt parking lot to accommodate the parking for Memorial Arena. Being flat, the existing parking lot blends in.

It could easily be ripped up anytime and turned into green space. However, a multi-level parkade would be a permanent eyesore.

The city claims that the subject land is needed as a parkade for Interior Health’s building proposed for the corner of Doyle and Ellis. Apparently, the library plaza parkade isn’t big enough to handle the parking of 1,000 IH employees. So what?

There are superior locations for Interior Health that have better access and unlimited parking, such as Central Green at the corner of Richter and Harvey.

Also, the area around Landmark Square, towards Springfield Road, is a more central location and would serve the citizens throughout Kelowna better by saving them time, money, gasoline and stress in not having to go into the increasingly congested downtown core for IH services.

With superior locations elsewhere, the whole idea of selling off the public’s parking lot at Doyle and Ellis for Interior Health’s building is weird.

Sharron Simpson stated that the parking lot between Kelowna Museum and Memorial Arena should be turned into a park because the downtown will need more greenspace. She is correct.

Turning the lot into a park would complement the existing  jewel of Kasugai Gardens and together would provide a haven of beauty and enrichment for down town.

Our wise forefathers wanted much of the public’s covenant land kept in a park-like state as their legacy for maximum public benefit for generations.

Citizens, we must send this message loud and clear to the short-sighted mayor, council and the city’s upper management.

Robert Cichocki, Kelowna