Police lose the support of military veteran

To the editor:

To the editor:

Re: Article about Buddy Tavares being kicked by an RCMP officer while being arrested (Capital News, Jan. 9)

What short memories we have, reading letters of Wendy Gill and Mo Rajabally and many media reports that tend to indicate this was an isolated incident and we shouldn’t paint the rest of the RCMP force with the same brush.

Have we all forgotten 70-year-old John Peters of Kelowna? What kind of Christmas did the Ian Bush family of Houston have? Or the Dziekanski family, the Arar family, the Knipstrom family, the Hutchinson family and many more across B.C.and Canada?

The Buddy Tavares incident is only the tip of this disgusting situation.

So don’t give me the tearful speech about the innocence of the rest of the force.

I ask you, when was the last time a cop turned in another cop for abusing someone?

Any cop that is witness to the public abuse by his associate is just as guilty as the offender, if not reported immediately in writing to his superiors, which is his duty, and of course becomes evidence at any hearing.

The fact is the RCMP has painted the word “disgrace” across their uniforms for the past few years with their own paintbrush.

I, along with many Canadian military veterans, am disgusted with the actions of the RCMP and the inaction of the government to clean up this mess before more innocent lives are lost.

As a proud military veteran and Canadian, I believe it is time to retire the RCMP at least in B.C. and install an accountable B.C. police force.

As I recall, I fought to maintain the rights, liberties and justice of all Canadians. And as such, in all good conscience I must stand with the many grieving families that are suffering as a result of the abusive hand of the RCMP.

I can’t speak for all military veterans. Each must search his own heart on this issue.

But I will no longer honour the RCMP uniform by standing with it at ceremonies, as it would be hypocrisy singing the National Anthem, “We stand on guard for thee.”

R. Jack Bradcoe,