Public deserve balanced review of utility sale

I can’t fathom why the health and financial risks of Fortis’ takeover haven’t rallied Kelowna’s…majority to fight this sale.

To the editor:

I’m surprised the impending “sale” of our power to FortisBC isn’t generating more scrutiny.

I’m used to Kelowna’s political apathy, but after attending anti-smart meter activist Jerry Flynn’s talk, and doing my own research on the long term consumer costs of privatized utilities, I can’t fathom why the health and financial risks of Fortis’ takeover haven’t rallied Kelowna’s health-conscious, fiscally-conservative majority to fight this sale.

A pamphlet recently mailed to us by former Fortis board member Walter Gray promises this deal is “win win,” yet it failed to mention that we have the option to publicly review this deal via a public referendum if just 10 per cent of us express our desire to do so by Oct. 26, via a form found on the city’s own website.

Perhaps a referendum will produce information that will convince even me that dear Fortis has our best interests at heart.

Or perhaps Mr. Flynn and his supporters will be given a chance to discuss the long term dangers (medical and financial) of the technologies Fortis advocates.

During the last election, Mayor Gray and his 4-Change cohorts repeatedly assured us that “time is money,” yet I think it’s time we ask “Whose money?” and “Is this cliché true?”

It supposes that time is running out, and money grows exponentially, yet if this were true money would be distributed evenly by now, which despite our ideological differences we all know isn’t true. Time, however, consistently persists.

The decisions one generation makes permanently affects those that follow, whether you believe this timeline could end with the Lord’s return tomorrow, or whether you expect human life to continue as long as our eco-system can support it. For me, the quality of life I spend with my loved ones is worth far more than the few bucks I might save on my bills by allowing corporations to install disease causing, unregulated devises in my home.

Handing over full control of public services to a corporation, without public review only serves those whose bottom line is money.

Smart Meters are only one facet of this issue. Without thoughtful, balanced public review, there might be other cons, and pros, which haven’t even been discussed.

Why is our council, a group of people we elected to represent our best interests, in such a hurry to fast track this deal? Mr. Flynn has offered to share his knowledge free of charge, but not one council member can afford him their time.

The only time running out is their time in office, and our time to delay this deal before one of our most essential services is taken out of our hands for good.

Penticton and Summerland both turned down Fortis’ offer. There are more of us here, so why do we care less?

You can download the form at this complicated URL: per cent20Clerk/Kelowna per cent20Fortis per cent20AAP per cent20Elector per cent20Response.doc.pdf.

Take five minutes and fill it out, so we can define what “win-win” means for ourselves, Kelowna.

Amanda Poon,